Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 10: Versus

It's Versus Week, and I am being told that I should rank the Top 10 Tete-a-tetes - i.e. the best yeti conflicts that have appeared on my site.  When you encounter the following confrontations, you know you are witnessing some Mighty Age-Old Quarrels.

(Please note: I am excluding any of the excellent showdowns from this week, even though many of them would be in the running.)

10) TIE: Yeti vs. Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis

9) Yeti vs. Nazis

8) Yeti vs. The Beatles

7) Yeti vs. Toucan Sam

6) Yeti vs. Harlem Globetrotters

5) Yeti vs. Unicorn

4) Yeti vs. Batman

3) Yeti vs. Lanky Swordsman

2) Yeti vs. Shark (See also: Shark Week)

1) Yeti vs. Bigfoot

Abominable Mention:

Yeti vs.Silver Surfer
Yeti vs.Saber-toothed Tiger
Yeti vs.Pedidextrous Ninja
Yeti vs.Snow Leopard
Yeti vs.Owl
Yeti vs.Wolf

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