Monday, January 14, 2013

Mystery Yeti SOLVED

Subject: Please help me to ID this Yeti!
To: gumey[AT]

Hi there...

I found this guy at the thrift store during my lunch break but could not find a reliable reference online (lots of conflicting info). Was hoping you might know who he is? His eyes light up and his mouth opens when you press his button (no growl, I think his batteries are almost dead.) Any clue who he is?

And awesome blog by the way! :)

Hi Lisa, 

Thanks for writing and for the kind words about my blog.

I'm jealous that you have your very own Mega Rig Artic Adventure Matchbox Yeti Snow Monster!

It's part of this set:

I had thought I'd blogged about it before, but it's only received a very brief mention at the end of this post from way back in 2007 and I never even showed it.

I think it's high time that I gave it its very own post!

Thanks again!

Henry of I Love the Yeti

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