Friday, January 25, 2013

She Loves Me Not Yeti Friday - Mulberry Monsters

The fashion co. Mulberry decided to go with a forest fairytale theme in their catalog, and hired Tim Walker to shoot photos of ladies interacting with large yeti-like beasts in a forest (more here).

This would appear to be deserving of the "She Loves Me' label, right? But actually, the line was all about fur... maybe more like NOT.

Saw originally on Superpunch


Mulberry hired illustrator Emma Houlston to design a monster for their blog along the lines of their  theme.

Thanks, Savvy!

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Savvy said...

Wow, I hadn't seen the blog monster, he's awesome! Kind of reminds me of Davy Jones; I guess his fur is a bit tentacle-y and his hands are a bit lobster-claw-y. Love it!!