Friday, October 12, 2012

[Wendigo Week] My Personal Favorite Guy Davis' Wendigo from B.P.R.D.

I previously blogged about Guy Davis' Yeti from B.P.R.D.

But look at his creepy Wendigo:

Snippet from this CBR interview:

Some monsters, such as the wendigo, have a bit of mythology and folklore around them. How do you go about when developing your own interpretation of monsters with such a history?

You know, I didn't look too much into the mythology of it because I didn't want to get bogged down into any restrictions of folklore, whether I needed him to have horns or certain types of hoofs. I never wanted to worry about that. I wanted the "B.P.R.D." Wendigo to be unique to the book.

As I remember, John [Arcudi]'s only note in the script was not to make it look like the Marvel Comics' Wendigo, which I had no clue about to begin with. He also wanted it to be spooky, like the drawing from Roy Krenkel, and I was familiar with that, but I didn't really want it to look like a man. I think going into the Wendigo design, I was thinking it would have the feel of a "snowman" with the rounded head shape and dot eyes. And since the Wendigo had a human personality of Daryl the former human hunter, the simplified face made it easier to get across some range of emotion.

When I sketched him out, the dot eyes also made me then think of a shark, which I carried over to his angry mouth design, especially in the big splash of "Killing Ground." Also, keeping with the original "snowman" motif made me imagine the arms would be spindly like stick arms, and I worked up that idea into its odd arms/legs. It's that sort of basic idea that will sort of feed into other ideas while I'm sketching.

And now for some fan art...


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