Friday, October 19, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Frankenstein

A lone wanderer in the snow... Is that..???

The Abominable One

Oh... never mind. It's just Frankenstein.

You know, when I was three, I swear I saw with my own eyes the silhouette of Frankenstein in my bedroom doorway.  Then later I found out he was a literary character, and lo! I was filled with much skepticism at the authenticity of my late-night vision.

Also, I later discovered "Frankenstein" is the name of his creator, that the monster itself has no name.  Apparently, in the book he's referred to as "creature", "fiend", "the demon", "wretch", "devil", "thing", "being" and "ogre."  In popular culture, he's called Franky.  BUT! - to Victor his creator, he called himself the "Adam of your labours," so maybe we should just call him "Adam".

Anyway, he deserves his own Not Yeti post. He's a good guy.

My personal favorite Frankenstein in the popular culture never saw fruition.

Willis O'Brien (previously blogged about) had an idea for a stop-motion FX movie featuring King Kong vs. Frankenstein. Man, I would've liked to have seen that.  Here are some conceptual designs:

Check out that crazy giant mutant Frankenstein.  Now THAT'S a Frankenstein!

Pierre Fournier has a sort of "I Love the Frankenstein" blog called FrankensteiniaHe posted the group portrait of famous Frankensteins by David Lee Ingersoll (He of the Muck Thing). 

The big gray guy with the huge ears in the background is O'Brien's.  OH YEAH.

Pretty sweet Black & White action figure by Mezco. (Via Plastic and Plush)

Now, Adam is not a zombie exactly (he has emotions), but he's related. Like a close cousin, right?

I think he's a nice transition for next week's theme...

[Zombie Week]

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