Monday, September 3, 2012

Glaring Omission: Land of the Lost

Guys, I made a huge mistake.

In my Top 10 Television Yeti appearances back in May, I omitted the Land of the Lost television show.


Uh, Knock, Knock, Henry. Wake up.

You neglected to mention the Yeti named Tapa from the thirty-ninth episode, "Abominable Snowman" from 1976

So even though I've posted about him before, I think he deserves another post for my slighting of him. It's the least I can do.

Sorry, Tapa!

His episode is also notable because I believe it features the first ever pair-up of a Unicorn and a Yeti.

In the episode, the human family find "Corny", a little brown unicorn, which they decide to take as a pet. Turns out that Corny has been reserved as food for Tapa and needs to be returned or the community will face his wrath. Makes sense, and eventually Tapa gets his snack back.  But the meddling family confronts Tapa in his cave, where he wields a club (classic Stave-Usage).  Somehow, Holly, the little girl of the family, has this weird, insider-knowledge of Yeti. She claims they are actually reported to be quite "childlike and gentle" (um, where'd you read that, Holly?) and approaches Tapa with cake.  Cake is the secret.  It only takes 10 seconds and the Yeti is eating cake out of a child's hands. Later, the family messes the relationship all up and Tapa angrily chases them. Corny ends up as their pet but disappears forever in subsequent episodes and is never mentioned again. WHAT? Was it all a dream?

I get the sense that the writers didn't care much for consistency.   Another case-in-point: a favorite quote from this summary online:

"Out in the jungle, Holly reminisces to Cha-Ka about once owning a billy goat, though she definitely prefers Corny's personality. (Cha-Ka claims to be unfamiliar with the term "billy goat", yet very recently [Hot-Air Artist] he claimed to have gotten cream from a goat. Holly also fails to remember that she once owned a horse named Comanche [The Hole]...)"

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