Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doctor Who Yeti Figures

Nowadays, figurines of Yeti are quite popular. People want little miniature sculptures depicting the Snowy Abominableman. They just can't get enough.

The trend might have started in the 1960's with Doctor Who! - the Second Doctor, to be exact. His diabolical foes were way into the Yeti figures.

In the serial "The Abominable Snowmen" (1967), the evil mastermind Padmasambhava controls the Yeti using small figurines like chess pieces around a map of the area.


In the serial "The Web of Fear" (1968), the Yeti have smaller Yeti tokens that act as homing devices that bring the Yeti right to the intended victims.


So there ya go...

Thanks, Doctor Who, for inventing the Yeti figure! We owe you so much.

P.S. It looks like one can actually get little Doctor Who Yeti figures like the ones on the show... though they're considerably smaller:

Caveat emptor: no guarantees that these minis will mystically compel Yeti to do one's bidding.

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