Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift of the Yeti

Gift of the Yeti is a free, richly illustrated facebook game.

Santa is sick, and yeti has agreed to deliver presents in his place to each house without aid of a sleigh or anti-grav reindeer. He does the job, but his methodology is flawed. He just kind of violently smashes the houses with the gifts. Needless-to-say, the police are out to get him.

The game is further evidence that yeti has become a new Christmas icon. When people think Christmas, they're starting to think yeti.

BioWare has pledged to donate 1 US cent to the children's charity Child's Play every time the game is played, and their target is $10,000.


le YĆ©ti said...

Je vais y jouer de suite ! :D

I'll play right now !! :D
(google translation)

Beyond All Measure said...

Just found your blog. Made me smile.
There is a big foot statue in a nearby town. I found a pic of it online
it is outside the "BigFoot Bar and Grill" Read about it here