Thursday, February 14, 2008

McGee Yeti

American McGee makes video games. Right now he's working on one based on the Grimm fairy tales called "Grimm".

It looks pretty neat. There are two worlds in the game you can travel between: one that is bright, cute, soft and friendly, and another that is a mirror version of the first - where each house, person, animal, tree, etc. from the first becomes dark, evil, and harsh (though still cute, imho).

There's even a yeti in the game! Here are the two versions:

American McGee is an excellent game designer, and I'll tell you why. He is following the cardinal rule: Every game should have a yeti in it.

DISCLAIMER: My viewpoint is biased. I believe yeti should be involved in all aspects of every single thing.

You can see more of the good world/bad world designs from the game on McGee's blog, like this puppy/hell hound.

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