Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Abominable Green?!-man?

Can you picture yeti singing "It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green"?

Today I would like to explore the possibility that our Man-Beast is not just murderous, but verdurous.

It’s not as if I’ve never considered the notion. The Hulk, as everyone knows, is green, and readers might remember I have a tendency to confuse him with yeti (even though they are reportedly mortal enemies). I have also posted in the past about "yeti sanction", whatever that is.

So sure, the Emerald Ape Theory and I have crossed paths. I’ve been a skeptic though. Surely nothing that lives in the frozen wastes of the Arctic Tibetan Tundra would be colored green. Right? That would be thoroughly inane. But then I saw this:

Isn’t Dr. Seuss’ "Grinch"character basically a yeti? Besides living alone in an ice cave, they’re both furry, mean-tempered, naked, and have a pet dog. Could our man "Theo" be on to something?

Using Grinch as a starting place, I decided to take a pictorial look at where else the elusive yeti may be hiding, all verdant-hued and cowardly cowering, in that hallowed place called Popular Culture.

Invisible Green Yeti follows around old men with canes. How abominable.

Yeti is meticulously sculpted with this coloring. The Jade Beast of Bhutan?

And children are expected to make companions with plush versions. Is Oscar the Grouch (Grinch?) really just a Tibetan refugee?

For the "action figure" crowd, there are plastic toys with the chromatic theme.

And suits for the Halloween.

Finally, would it surprise you to know that the Jolly Green Giant is involved!?!

Didn’t think it would; that guy is everywhere.

But seriously, there actually is a connection. I’ll let mr. awesome-dude Loren Coleman* explain on his blog.

* Loren Coleman is responsible for getting this site on BoingBoing after posting about it himself. He notified me by email and signed it "Your Yeti Friend". Thanks, Loren Coleman!