Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mysteries for You to Solve

Yetis have always been the heart of mysteries. I mean, the solution to the very first detective story (Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue, 1841) is a murderous ape-monster.

Here are seven yeti mysteries that I could use your help on...


Mystery 001:

A villain from Venture Bros.? Someone tell me!

Mystery 002:

Where does this plush come from? I mean, is it available for purchase somewhere?

Mystery 003:

At the 2015 D23 expo, was this mysterious yeti photobombing a fan. How come I've heard nary a word?

Mystery 004:
I think these are Matterhorn Harold pajamas, but I can't find where one can get them. Help!

Mystery 005:

The above was pasted to the wall of Forest Room 5 in Detroit, MI.. (source) But where is it originally from? A book or something?

Mystery 006:

Whoa, cool yeti figurine!  This instagram post indicates it's a happy meal toy for Burger King/Hungry Jack for a series called "Monsters of the World", but I can't find anything to confirm that.  What's the deal!

Mystery 007:

This hat was purchased and worn by a Swedish family in Mallorca, Spain - but where did they buy it?

Mystery 008:

Yeti plush in undies!  Obviously for sale, has a tag and everything.  Anyone know anything about it?


Mystery 006 from an October 2015 post:

I wondered if it was a wampa on this cover:

Nope, it's another alien, made specifically for the Star Wars comics. A Lahsbee.

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