Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback: Toys

Throwback... to Toys.

G.I. Joe:

Action Force was the European brand to introduce the G.I. Joe toy characters to America.



An even more yeti-ish designer toy...

$21 at Momoji


Rock Jocks:

Original commercial on youtube:

Abbey Bominable:





Bill the Yeti:



Turns out there's a third game featuring our favorite Series 11 Yeti:

Lego Minifigures Online (2014):

From description:
Once upon a time, the Yeti was barely more than a legend. Dwelling all alone up on his snowy mountaintop, he was rarely glimpsed by travelers, and those who did spot him were even less often believed. The Yeti himself was starting to think that he might just be a myth.
But that changed the day he looked himself up on the internet. Everyone seemed to be talking about him there, and they knew all about him – from his favorite foods to his foot size. He was famous! Now that he knows he’s a celebrity, the no-longer-shy Yeti is just waiting for crowds of new friends to arrive. He can’t wait to meet them!

Uncle Dapper (Honorary Yeti of 2009):

Original design

Vamplets: Nightmare Nursery:

Vuduberi (here, here, & here):

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