Friday, August 23, 2013

Not Yeti Friday - Super Friends' Bigfoot episode

I don't know what to tell you... Super Friends had an episode in Season 5 (1980) called "Bigfoot" in which a bunch of Bigfoot creatures capture the Super Friends and take them to their high-tech computer base.

Batman escapes and destroys the computer and finds a way to communicate with the Bigfoots, because he's Batman.. Turns out they're Novarians from the planet Nova. They were just hoping to steal the Super Friends' knowledge by force in the hope it would help repair their crashed spaceship to fly home.

Batman's like "Pssh, you should have just asked, bro.We cool."

Superman then fixes the ship with his eyes. And the Bigfoots are all like, "Yay, ya'll Earth Peoples are the best." And then they fly away.

Personally, I think the Novarians got off easy. Kidnap the Super Friends, bind them in your electroshock beds, and then force knowledge out of their brains? I expect a retaliatory SMACK-DOWN.

Instead, for punishment, you get your ship fixed so you can fly home.

WOW. 1980 was a different time, man.  That $#*& would not fly in this day and age.

Via Bigfoot Lunch Club

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