Friday, May 17, 2013

Not Yeti Oddity Friday - Creature from the Haunted Sea

In the film Creature from the Haunted Sea from 1961, when the titular creature is revealed, it looks like this  ...

... oh brother 

According to Beach Dickerson, the Creature was made from "a wetsuit, some moss, lots of Brillo pads. [...] Tennis balls for the eyes, Ping-Pong balls for the pupils, and pipecleaners for the claws. Then we cover him with black oilcloth to make him slimy." According to Carbone, the cast "really had to do some deep concentration in order not to laugh when we saw it." Carbone felt that Corman should have shot the scenes featuring the Creature from its point-of-view, so that the audience would never see the Creature. "That would at least keep a semblance of some fear. Because when you see this Creature, you gotta laugh! (Wikipedia)

And now for a bit of parody by flickr user Michael Rogers:


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