Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fantastic Four vs. Yeti

The Fantastic Four movie reboot will begin shooting this September.  I hope they make it sort of retro 60s-ish.  Also, I hope the film has yeti.  Are your even remotely surprised?

The Abominable One appears a few times in the Fantastic Four comics:

In Fantastic Four # 99 (1970), he makes his debut:

The he shows up again in  Marvel: The Lost Generation # 12 (2000):

And it's not the same character, but in Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #8, the team teleports to the top of the Himalayas where they encounter these fellows:

Note that one of them is wielding an icicle. Surprised we don't see this more, actually.

Note: I previously blogged about Yeti vs. the Thing.  You know - Ben Grimm?  I personally just want the two to get along. I just know they'd be fast friends.

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Marco Grande Arbitro Giorgio said...

not to say anything. But what are the infamous Fantastic 4!