Friday, March 8, 2013

Not Yeti as Fake Native American Deity Friday - Tomazooma

In the Marvel comic Fantastic Four, Tomazooma is a gigantic robot designed to resemble a Native American deity of the Keewazi people. The Red Star Oil Company built the robot to frighten the Keewazi into giving up their oil-rich land. Tomazooma fought Wyatt Wingfoot and the Fantastic Four, who defeated it.

  • He was also known as: The Death That Walks, the Living Death
  • He was 25 feet tall, and was powered by facial null-bands which could release negative energy .
  • With each eye, he could shoot electro-beams.
  • With his mouth, he could emit vapor to make you unconscious.
  • With his body, he could resist the Thing's strength and all manner of shells and small arms
And at one point, Tomazooma was redesigned to serve as a cuckoo-clock, with a clock in place of its face and a human-sized compartment in its chest for the cuckoo to emerge from.

And that my friends is the most fun fact of all.


WAIT! No one's made a custom action figure of Tomazooma!?!

I can't find any examples online. Please let me know if you ever spot an action figure of the fake robot god what shoots vapor from his scary circular fang-mouth.


Marco Grande Arbitro said...

I did not know exactly this character! I think it's hard to find a cosplayer who wears

Savvy said...

It's very yeti-meets-lamprey, neato.