Friday, August 31, 2012

[Crab Week] White on Blue

Y is for Yeti Crab by greenteaceremony
Hey, hope you enjoyed Yeti Crab Week!

Oh one more thing! I like this post to an Aquarium Forum that I found:

Hi Group,

I have heard that someone found a new sort of a cute blond furry
crab/lobster thing... Scientists even had to create a new "family" for
it... It was 900 miles South of "Easter Island" in the of south pacific
off the west coast of South America...

Perhaps Easter Island may have more info? They could feature a new line
of miniature "anchient mysterious statues" ornaments to satisy both the
purist and tackies of ornaments fans... They could even make them from
the anchient original rocks? Just an idea balloon for now....

Q: Does this mean we can soon have the Kiwa Hirsuta critters in our
tanks? Does anyone know of any sotres stocking these or special order
now or soon? Can they handle brackish water?

Thanks, GodSpeed, Karl.

Photo poorly 'shopped by moi

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