Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grey Griffins Yeti

By August Hall
In my trawls (not to be confused with trolls), I spotted the above painting that was made for something called "Grey Griffins".  Well, what is Grey Griffins?  Turns out it's a series of children's novels by  Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis.  And it turns out it's not a Yeti, but a Tundra Troll.

Ouch!  The Skyrim Curse strikes again.

I know it's not Thanksgiving Day (the day I traditionally post about snow trolls), but they say one should express gratitude on days other than Thanksgiving.  And since posting about snow trolls is the only way I know how to express gratitude, I'm thinking today is a day of many blessings, ya'll.

That's right, Wind - catch this caution I'm throwin' at ya!  I'm a gonna post about this here snow troll!!!!

By Robb Mommaerts

By Andy Kuhn

By ????

By Jon S. Lewis (just a concept)

By Jon S. Lewis

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