Monday, March 12, 2012

Yeti Loves Hugs, Apparently

Yetis like to hug.

They do it all the time.

They will hug you and squeeze you and call you George.

They will show you the love.

They don't discriminate.

They will express their affection to their enemies.

The Young and the Old.

Even with each other.

And even when they're covered inexplicably with bandages.

They will get as good as they give.

Even when a yeti crab.

But just remember:

Yeti Hugs Are Forever.


Marco Grande Arbitro said...

Bugs Bunny and Yeti! XD

Henry said...


Savvy said...

Aww,yeti hugs! My favorite Yeti hug was from the Zelda: Twilight Princess game when Yeto and Yeta hug each other. Hearts shooting everywhere!

Henry said...

I'd love to find a picture or footage of the Zelda yetis hugging. Is this before or after the snowboarding contest?

Savvy said...

It's after the initial snowboarding race with Yeto, and before you gain the ability to race against Yeta. Starting around 5:00 minutes in on this video is the Zelda yeti love fest: