Monday, January 9, 2012

Yeti Chatter

Yeti has been in the news every single week!

I don't know what this is gonna do for his status in the popular culture. Will it cause a boon or a backlash?

Here's a rundown of all the recent biggies:

From the Guardian & Huffington Post:

"Scientists '95 Percent' Certain They've Found Elusive Siberian Yeti"

Cartoon from irkafirka

From Discover and Huffington Post:

"Yeti Finger: After 50 Years, DNA Says It's Just Human"

Yes, but JIMMY STEWART smuggled it!!!!

Cartoon from elcorreo

Billy Crystal is called a Yeti

Quote from Commercial for the Oscars:

"It's obvious. He transformed into a yeti."

New Species of Hairy-Chested Yeti Crab Nicknamed "The Hoff"

National Geographic article "Lost World" of Odd Species Found Off Antarctica and BCC article Hairy crab is new ocean find announce new species "nicknamed The Hoff" after David Hasselhoff.

New NYC museum exhibit:

"Hero, Villain, Yeti: Tibet in Comics"

New York Times article Leaping Off the Pages in the Himalayas discusses this exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art (which runs until June 11, 2012).

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