Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Roundup

I see people referring to the current fashion trend of wearing fur as "yeti".

Chanel really made it okay, I think.

It's been a year since they referred to their fall line as "Yeti", and more and more people have started using the term to describe the look.

You're like a yeti when you wear it. You look like a yeti. A mythical beast.

A decade ago, we would have just called it what it was : animal fur. Other animals besides yeti have fur. Actual animals. It's as if we forgot. Or don't want to remember.

Calling it "yeti" makes everything okay again.

There's many examples out there of the phenomenon, but here are a few I've stumbled across:

Caption: "There's a yeti in the city."

Caption: "Ashley Olsen has incredible yeti look as well." ...and... "Yeti hooves"

Caption: "Yeti Girls"

Caption: "Fashion Yeti?"

From Vogue trends - yesterday and today: "But even long time ago [sic] the Yeti had inspired the Sixties and the start of the Seventies..."

Caption: "Kim Kardashian yeti vest a hit or a miss?"

But things change.... Maybe we'll start to move away from calling fur "yeti".

Above: Photo from December 2011 issue of UK Vogue

Maybe now we're calling it "yak chic" instead.

That seems a little more honest.

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