Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Three Wolf Moon?

Ground Zero Boardshop in Davis, CA posted the above photo and posed the following rhetorical question on their facebook page:

"Who doesn't like a t-shirt with a majestic Yeti in a snow storm, glowing in the light of the moon?"

I had previously blogged about Vincent Hie's epic painting over a year ago, but I didn't realize it was now on a t-shirt and being sold next to audacious animal shirts (not sure how else to describe them) à la the famous Three Wolf Moon.

You remember the Three Wolf Moon meme, right? In Internet terms, that's like fifty years ago.

So after some of my patented cyber-sleuthing, I discovered that both the famous TWM and Hie yeti t-shirts are actually made by the same company : The Mountain.

He's hangin' with the bigwigs. Yet another measure of yeti's growing popularity.

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