Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Winner of the Biggest Thing to Happen to Yeti...

The biggest thing to happen to yeti in popular culture in recent times is the new Mummy movie. It's the first time a yeti has appeared in a major live-action film (and a summer tentpole picture to boot).

Many reviews cite the yetis as the only redeeming feature of the film. Perhaps this will encourage other filmmakers to include Abominable Snowmen in their cast.

Here's a close-up look at this important yeti.

Note that it is really more bear-like than ape-like.


Anonymous said...

In the movie it seemed more cat-like than bear-like to me.

Henry said...


Thanks for the insider's scoop. I haven't seen the movie, so I only have the pic to go by.

Numair said...

First time showing a yeti in a movie? What was that in the Star Wars movie and Monsters Inc. then?

Henry said...
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Henry said...

The Wampa wasn't technically a yeti. It was a Star Wars alien.

And Monsters Inc wasn't a live-action film. It was computer animated.

And there have certainly been yeti before in live-action film. I was just saying "It's the first time a yeti has appeared in a major live-action film."

Nothing's been as major as The Mummy 3. Most people haven't seen the other live-action films that yeti has been in. They're mostly B Movies.