Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spore Yeti

The highly anticipated and sure-to-be mindblowing videogame "Spore" will be released in September. But in the meantime, the publishers have released a free Spore Creature Creator. It allows you to design a creature to look any way you want it to. On their site at the Sporepedia, you can submit your own creations made with the Creator. The game designers will then take your submissions and use them to populate the actual game.

The Creature Creator has been out for just a few days but already people are creating and submitting yetis! (they're also already making "sporn", but that's for another blog to discuss) And more yeti are being added daily. A sampling of what's been made so far appears below (I've credited the designers in each image's file name). Check out the Sporepedia and browse around to see what else people are concocting. It's great!

This is the closest thing I can think of to the YouTube of yeti. Users can create their own yeti and share them with each other. Once the game comes out, these creations will even walk around a shared universe and interact.

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