Thursday, November 2, 2006

Revisiting my previous genius

Years ago, I posed the controversial, and if I do say so, landmark query:

Yeti = Snow Troll?!

To this date, not one mortal soul has come forward with a shred of evidence to dispute my sensational theorem. I would honestly settle for a mere shred, a crumb, the tattered scrap of a hem off the edge of the completely ignored part of the underside of evidence. But my allegorical mailbox remains ever-absent of such detritus. Reluctantly, I am forced to exclaim with the utmost and most brazen confidence that my challenge to disprove will never be met!

So yeah, I guess it's settled. Here's why yeti ain't no ape:

Ape Characteristics:
Often vegetarian
Small teeth
Lives in tropical climes
Enjoys learning sign language

could you really see this poor guy out in the snow?

Troll Characteristics:
Quite carnivorous
Big, freakin' huge fangs
Lives in areas where it gets cold (like Scandinavia or... the Himalayas?)
Enjoys gnawing on human legs

now we're talking! see? this. just. makes. sense.

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