Tuesday, July 5, 2016

[Destination: U.S.A.] Pacific Northwest

It's time to drive north, up the coast to the states of the Pacific Northwest. It is a region known, of course, for another famous hairy hominid. But today we're looking for his cold-climate cousin.

Oregon Dreaming by Ryan Berkeley

See this window display on the pawn shop STUFF on 82nd street in Portland, Oregon:


Or this swell painting on the walls of Seattle eatery, Annapurna Cafe:

And in the 1970s you might have seen commercials for Pacificbank featuring a yeti mascot that was mislabeled a Bigfoot. 

 From Steve Mandich's Bigfoot on Film:
During the '70s, the Northwest-based Pacificbank billed itself as "Bigfoot's Bank." Their articulate, white-pelted spokesquatch sported a bushy mustache and often toted an umbrella on his forearm. He appeared on T-shirts and buttons, as well as in the form of childrens' coin banks and plush toys, all presumably bank giveaways. This animated ad has Bigfoot explaining how the bank can help people new to the area, but doesn't include Bigfoot's catchphrase -- "See Ya!"

Previously blogged this piggy bank:

 But there are other paraphernalias:

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