Monday, November 23, 2015

Sword & Sorcery 1: Happy 40th, Yeti in D&D!

I know last year was the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, but Yeti's inclusion in the World's First and Finest Fantasy Role-playing Game didn't actually happen until a year later, in Autumn of 1975.

It was the publication of The Strategic Review # 3, which within its pages introduced nine monsters to the game -  our "monstrous humanoid" being one of them.  Yeti's siblings on the occasion included such classic D&D monsters as the Shambling Mound, Shrieker, Naga, and The Lurker Above.

Trivia:  The plural of Yeti is "Yeties", apparently. And it can paralyze you with its eyes and hug you as an Owl Bear. ...And knowing is half the battle.

Now that it's Autumn 2015, let's celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Yeti in D&D!


By Josh aka darthcestual

Note about above pic: I like this straightforward, yet effective yeti design and kind of want to see it in fully realistic CG for a live-action battle sequence.  Santa, are you listening?

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